Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's been going on.

So I have spent every Saturday in the month of January attending free recording workshops at Guitar Center in Westheimer. The workshops were an extremely refreshing experience for me in two ways. First, they allowed me to learn much more about actually recording and editing your music then I probably would have learned by just trial and error, but they also gave me a new spirit and life. For a while I had felt as if my project was almost hopeless. I felt like I had neither the musical knowledge and skill or the experience with recording and editing songs to produce something I could truly be proud of by the end of the year, and although I realize that the task ahead of me is an extremely long and difficult one I feel more excited and invigorated now than ever. The workshops showed me that with a bit of ingenuity and with a lot of time, effort, and devotion that anyone could produce a song of pretty good quality using a program like garageband, and that a thousand dollar studio isn’t necessary to get some good audio quality, although I’m sure it helps. Mainly the class emphasized using different equipment and programs to get the most out of your recordings, and I’m extremely happy that I decided to attend because there was a lot of helpful and useful information offered up by the instructor. So aside from studying music theory in my “the complete idiot’s guide to music theory” book that is what I’ve been doing this past month.


  1. I'm glad you don't feel like your project is hopeless. I remember when we were freshmen and lived in the same dorm. I always used to bring you down and gave rude comments about something that you loved but never did you comment on the hobbies that I loved. That's the kind of things that bring a person down and I'm glad that didn't happen to you because you turned out to be pretty good at this guitar thing. You have to keep working hard every weekend and not bring yourself down. That is something that has made me fail in some of the new things I tried doing. I start great but then feel discouraged and give up. I'm working on it and so are you and we're doing a pretty good job at it.

  2. It's good that you have been taking these workshop classes. Hopefully your mentor can help you out by picking up where these workshops left off. I have a strong feeling that your end product will be something that you will be proud of. You have come a long way since freshman year, and the music you now play in the dorm sounds great.