Monday, December 12, 2011


Was I better now than I was yesterday?

Yes, before I simply left everything to tomorrow or let myself stop doing something because things got too hectic for me to manage everything. What I have learned throughout the semester is that you cannot allow yourself to stop doing something. Get in a habit of doing something everyday, even if it’s just for 5 minutes and continue to do it everyday, and above all do not allow yourself to stop just because you feel stressed on time. If you stop one day, then soon your stop the day after, and pretty soon you’ll stop doing it altogether. I’ve allowed this to happen to many times. I may not know much more about music theory or composition now than I did in August, but I at least know that in order to truly learn these subjects and take my knowledge to the next level I have to practice at it every day. Now that I have learned that I can start on the road to knowledge of Music Theory and Composition, and although I may have to take baby steps to get where I want to be, baby steps are much better than not moving at all.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Road Bumps

Ok. I’ll admit it, I’m a bit behind. But, hopefully once I’m finished with college applications I’ll have much more time on my hands to focus on my project. As of now, I haven’t done much sitting and writing or recording and I’ve still yet to find a computer music software program. But, I have had time to play around and fiddle with some concepts and ideas on the guitar more and although I haven’t developed any of my songs much I now have song material to work with. I still need to do more research however and I’ll have to spend a lot of my remaining time doing research.

TEDx Youth day

So I recently gave a TED style talk at the Kinkaid school of Houston as part of TEDx Youth day, and it was suggested to me that I write a reflection on the experience and post it to my blog. At first I was ridiculously nervous; I had no idea what I was going to say about music, or how I was going to say it, but I still had plenty of time so I let the TEDx talk sink to the back of my brain. It wasn’t until about two week s before I was scheduled to give the speech that I really started work on it, and this was because I was leaving to Washington D.C. the following week. But, I eventually came up with what I wanted to be my message and from there it was just a matter or fleshing it out. My central message was that people should openly pursue their interest and strive to learn about them so that they can do more with their interest. But, at the same time people should still have a playful, curious and whimsical attitude towards their learning because often times simply playing with something leads to innovation.
The experience itself was very interesting. During the dress rehearsal I felt extremely nervous and was stumbling through my sentences. However, being up in front of the audience the day of was actually nice. It felt good for me to talk about something I cared about and for an audience of people to listen to what I had to say. I no longer felt nervous; I was comfortable in front of the crowd. All in all it was a great experience and I’m very happy that I was selected to participate in the event.

Hopefully I'll be able to provide a link to the viedo once it is available on Youtube. But, if you would like to search for it it will be available at the TEDx Youth Day's Youtube channel.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Started

With time pressing on there’s a lot of pressure for the project to go beyond more than just proposals and ideas. The year is advancing quickly, and although there’s still a lot of time between now and the end of the year it’s still important that I start my project now, every day counts. I do have some song material, in fact I have material for three different songs, but the problem is that I haven’t fleshed them out as well as I had hoped. I still need to record and write more parts for each song in order for them to be actual songs. The one I’m currently working on I hope to record and publish onto my website, so that I can finally have a product to show the world. Sadly, I have no audio clip or written music notation or tab to put onto this blog so that people can see me progress, but hopefully I will be able to provide such things later on in the future.
Wish me luck.


Because my project is writing music a big part of that is my equipment. So I will discuss the equipment I have at my disposal. I have two guitars, one is Electric and the other is Acoustic. The school has Classical guitars that I can borrow if I have to. My Electric guitar is a Jackson Kelly
and it’s not really anything fancy, in fact it’s really basic. It has double humbuckers and only one volume and tone knob. The other is a Yamaha acoustic-electric,once again nothing all that fancy. My amp is a 15 watt Line 6, the specific model is a Spider III and the amp comes built in with a phaser, tremolo, chorus flanger, sweep echo, tape echo, and reverb. It’s a pretty decent amp in my opinion. I also have a Sanyo digital recorder which I’ll use to help record and produce my songs. All I need now is a music software program to put all the music together and songs to record. In terms of the software programs I know the school Macbooks have Garage band, but I want to get a program on my computer for ease of use and access. As to what program though I am still unsure

Thursday, September 29, 2011

TED talk ideas

The idea that I have to do a TED style talk was a bit frightening at first. I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything to say, and even now I still only have vague ideas. So I began to surf the web and watch other TED talks for inspiration and I came across this particular one.

I got a lot of different ideas from this video, plus I like the song. But one thing that was bothering me was whether or not I was going to try and perform when I did my TED talk, and how I would go about doing this if there were more than just one instrumental part. What she seemed to do was play the track into the microphone and then just continue the track through speakers afterwards, and as she built each individual track she eventually had a bunch of different tracks going at once. So this is one possible way of doing my talk.
If you are interested in the music click The Naimi Train to go to her Myspace page.


Hello, my name is Otilio Rios Jr.
So, the obvious question is “Ok. Well what are you going to do Otilio?” Well, I aim to make music, to put it simply. I’ve been a guitarist for about three years now, and the styles I play include classical, acoustic, rock, and some metal. So I’m somewhat familiar with music, but I’ve decided to take the next leap forward. Playing another’s music can be difficult, but writing your own music is even more difficult; as a musician it makes sense to go from playing another’s music to writing your own if you want to improve your skill. The only problem is that writing music takes knowledge of music theory and composition, which I don’t have knowledge of. So how did I face this issue? With a trip to Barnes and Noble. I bought two books there “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Music Theory”, and “Music Composition for Dummies.” Do I consider myself a complete idiot or a dummie? No, but these books are great for an introductory knowledge of a subject, and that’s exactly what I need introductory knowledge. So with that I begin my quest to write my own pieces of musical work. Wish me luck.