Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Started

With time pressing on there’s a lot of pressure for the project to go beyond more than just proposals and ideas. The year is advancing quickly, and although there’s still a lot of time between now and the end of the year it’s still important that I start my project now, every day counts. I do have some song material, in fact I have material for three different songs, but the problem is that I haven’t fleshed them out as well as I had hoped. I still need to record and write more parts for each song in order for them to be actual songs. The one I’m currently working on I hope to record and publish onto my website, so that I can finally have a product to show the world. Sadly, I have no audio clip or written music notation or tab to put onto this blog so that people can see me progress, but hopefully I will be able to provide such things later on in the future.
Wish me luck.


Because my project is writing music a big part of that is my equipment. So I will discuss the equipment I have at my disposal. I have two guitars, one is Electric and the other is Acoustic. The school has Classical guitars that I can borrow if I have to. My Electric guitar is a Jackson Kelly
and it’s not really anything fancy, in fact it’s really basic. It has double humbuckers and only one volume and tone knob. The other is a Yamaha acoustic-electric,once again nothing all that fancy. My amp is a 15 watt Line 6, the specific model is a Spider III and the amp comes built in with a phaser, tremolo, chorus flanger, sweep echo, tape echo, and reverb. It’s a pretty decent amp in my opinion. I also have a Sanyo digital recorder which I’ll use to help record and produce my songs. All I need now is a music software program to put all the music together and songs to record. In terms of the software programs I know the school Macbooks have Garage band, but I want to get a program on my computer for ease of use and access. As to what program though I am still unsure