Thursday, February 2, 2012

Panel of Advisers

As part of the senior project I am required to have a panel of advisers consisting of four people. So far I have filled two of the four positions. My first panel member is my guitar instructor, Paul Nichols. Paul has studied music theory, has played the guitar since the age of three, and has been a part of and toured with various rock, metal, and all sorts of other bands. My second panel member is my mentor, Tyrone Hill. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Tyrone’s credentials other than the fact that he has worked with music production software for some time and has offered to help me in my recording process. The third panel member is supposed to be a member of the Chinquapin Board of Directors, and I am still working with Bridget Anderson (Chinquapin Director of Development) to find a board member willing to assist me in my project. The last member is supposed to be an expert in the field, but I don’t really know any experts in the field. I was thinking of asking Paul if he knew anyone who could help, but as of now I have yet to come up with anyone for that position.

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  1. What is an "expert on the field" mean? I'm asking because I would have thought Paul would have been your expert, but that is just me. Two days ago, my friend on facebook posted that an actor that comes out the show, Glee, tweeted her when she asked for advice about something the show was talking about. I think you should try your luck on Twitter; I personally don't use twitter but I think it will be useful to you in order to stay connected to the music world and follow "experts" that can become interested in your project.

    I wish you best of luck if you do decide to give twitter a try!