Monday, April 2, 2012

Progress Report

A few new things have been going on this month. The first is that I collaborated with Luis Navarro (Chinquapin Class of 2010) on some tunes he was trying to put together; the whole experience in general was pretty cool. It was nice to collaborate with someone else and also to get to see someone else’s setup as someone who’s trying to get his own set up and is really just starting to learn about home recording. By the end of the day we came up with the majority of two pretty cool sounding pieces. I’ve also come to realize that I really need to hit the gas pedal on my project, the end is really close and I still don’t have much of anything. I’ve decided that I want to spend my time during senior seminar in my dorm recording and writing. So far I’ve been presently surprised in finding out that I can do a lot of my recording without having to buy much, but I will need some microphones and pre-amps for them in order to record both drums and vocals. But, I’m still extremely hopeful.


  1. Check with your panel members and others you know about borrowing needed equipment?

  2. Hey Otilio. If you ever need anyone to listen to your songs and give you feedback, feel free to ask me. I wouldn’t mind helping you out, and I’ll be honest.